How to be a Vendor

Becoming a vendor at the Antelope Valley Swap Meet is easy. Our weekend spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Advanced reservations are not required. Just come out the day you are planning to sell and pick your own space.

Spaces are approximately 20’x20’ and will accommodate one vehicle only. Bring any tables, tarps, etc. that you will need to set up your merchandise. Shades must be air-flow and securely anchored in the ground and tied to a vehicle for safety.

*If you are interested in pre-reserving a daily spot for Sunday, you may do so on Saturday, for an additional $5.

Daily Vendor Rates:

Sunday: $30


How to be a Monthly Vendor

If you are interested in selling on a more permanent basis, you can reserve premium spaces or sheds on a month-to-month basis. Premium spaces start at $150 per month. Sheds range from $200-$300+ per month, depending on location. A $100 security deposit will be required.

If you are interested in reserving a shed or premium space, you can come to the swap meet office on any Saturday or Sunday for a list of the available spaces.

 Advantages of being a Monthly Vendor

  • Location, Location, Location
  • Avoid the early morning rush to get a good space.
  • Develop a return-customer base. Your customers will know right where to find you each week.
  • No more packing up your vehicle and hauling your merchandise back and forth.
  • Tables and shades are already set up and ready to go.
  • Customize your selling area to fit your needs.


Important Information:

Monthly Vendors are required to have a current seller’s permit through the State Board of Equalization for sales tax reporting. To apply for necessary paperwork, please contact the State Board office directly at

(800) 400-7115


The following items are prohibited:

Prepared Food or Beverages

Counterfeit Merchandise

Alcohol & Tobacco


Stolen or Illegal Merchandise

Drug Paraphernalia


Live Animals

One of Our Most Memorable Swap Meet Vendors


Rod Bruce would pick up Faithful Jobe every Sunday from his nursing home and take him to the swap meet. Faithful Jobe lived to be 108 years old!